S6E29: Italian American Witchcraft With Delores Norman

Watch Us On Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRPiS4peUwc Become A Sponsor Become a sponsor and get access to bi-monthly workshops, 3 years of workshop recordings & rituals, & many other member benefits.  Join Today Dec 10, 2022 Join Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui and their guest Delores Norman in a discussion about Italian American Witchcraft. In this episode, learn…

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Episode 78: Radomir Ristic discusses Balkan Witchcraft

Listen Live Oct. 23, 2012 8pm EST www.para-x.com Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell are very pleased to have the opportunity to present Radomir Ristic who was very kind to record this show at 2am his time! Radomir Ristic is a published author from southeast Europe. He is proficient in southeast European traditions as well as some…

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Episode 53: Deborah Lipp Discusses The Way of Four

Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell are joined by Deborah Lipp to discuss her elemental magic text The Way of Four.  Join us as we talk about practical elemental magic in theory and practice. Deborah Lipp is the author of five books: The Study of Witchcraft,  The Elements of Ritual,  The Way of Four,  The…

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