Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole

We are Growing and Changing

Deeper Down will be soon start broadcasting from the Queen City Curio and Apothecary. The show will be LIVE with a studio audience and party. We will be temporarily pausing the public live shows while we make this transition. We will still be doing workshops for members!!

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This Season's Podcasts So far

S7E10: Andrieh & Zac Jam Session

March 11, 2023 Andrieh & Zac having a jam session.  Watch Us On Youtube Become A Sponsor Become a sponsor and get access to bi-monthly workshops, 3 years...

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S7EP9: The Poison Path Herbal With Coby Michael

March 4, 2023 Are you curious about the occult herbalism? Are you interested in exploring baneful herbs and their magic as spiritual, alchemical, astrological, and symbolic allies? If so,...

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S7E8: Insight & Stories With What Magic is This? Podcaster Douglas Batchelor

Feb 25, 2022 6PM EST Join Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and Douglas Batchelor from the What Magic is This? podcast. In this episode, we will explore Douglas’s experience as a...

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S7E7: Creating Occult Communities Via Discord

Feb 25, 2023 2pm Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and a panel from the Occult Living Room discuss building an occult community via discord and everything around it in this...

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S7E6: Modern Witchcraft with the Greek Gods With Jason Mankey

Feb 18, 2023 Are you interested in Greek Magick? Perhaps looking to explore it further, or simply curious about the subject? Join hosts Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and multi-book...

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S7E5: Technomagic, sigil coding software, and more from Chaos Tarot

Feb 4, 2023 Explore the possibilities of Technomagic with esteemed guest Chaos Tarot on this special episode. Tune in to hear Andrieh Vitimus and Zachary Lui discuss algorithms, sigil...

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S7E4: Conjure of the crossroads and graveyard

Jan 28, 2022 If you’re a fan of conjure, and interested in exploring the depths of crossroads and graveyards, join hosts Andrieh Vitimus and Zachary Lui in this electrifying...

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S7E3: How to Draw friends and sacrifice toxic people with Stephanie Connolly

January 21, 2023 Join Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and Stephanie Connolly as they discuss her new book “How to Draw friends and sacrifice toxic people.” In this episode, they will...

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S7E2: Making Talismans in Alberta With Azariel Flame

January 14, 2022 In this episode, Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and Azraiel Flame. In this Canadian episode, they discuss the ins and outs of making talismans and the materials...

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S7E1: Results-Driven Magic In The Tiktok Age With Pythian Priestess Ashley Ryan

Jan 7, 2022 In this episode, Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and Pythian Priestess Ashley Ryan. In this episode, they discuss one of the biggest challenges modern spiritual practitioners face...

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