Episode 31: Guest Denise Alvarado New Orleans Vodoo

Live on the Para-X Network 8pm EST November 14, 2011

Denise Alvarado (1960) is a New Orleans born, native Creole raised in the Voodoo and Hoodoo rich culture of New Orleans, Louisiana. She has studied indigenous healing traditions from a personal, professional and academic perspective for over four decades. Her self-published work, The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook, has done so well that she recently joined the largest publisher of occult books, Weiser and Conari Press, for a revision and expansion of that work to be released in November 2011. Her provocative artwork has been featured on National Geographic’s Taboo, as well as in several books by other authors. In addition, her seminars and coaching on cultural fluency and the magical arts have helped thousands of people around the globe market their businesses successfully and improve their lives exponentially. She is a rootworker in the New Orleans Voodoo-Hoodoo tradition, a medicine woman in the Native American tradition, a cultural psychologist, ritual artist, spiritual adviser, and consultant.

Denise joins Andrieh Vitimus and Jason Cowell to discuss her experience as an expert and author in the New Orleans Voodoo-Hoodoo tradition.

To see her online gallery of spiritual and ritual art, please visit, http://www.mysticvoodoo.com. To purchase her line of authentic hoodoo ritual products, Voodoo Mama’s Hoodoo Oils, Potions and Gris Gris, or to inquire about other services, please visit www.planetvoodoo.com. To view her cutting edge research on Native American psychology and quality of life please visit www.nativeamericanwellness.com.

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