Zachary Lui

S6E32: Wish Granting Meditation

December 31, 2022 In this episode, Andrieh Vitimus & Zachary invite participants to join a wish-granting meditation. As a recorded meditation, do not participate if you are operating heavy machinery or equipment, driving or not in an area where you can relax safely. Watch Us On Youtube Become A Sponsor Become a sponsor and…

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S6E30: The Annual Drunken Christmas Show

Dec 24, 2022 Join Andrieh Vitimus and Zachary Lui in their The Annual Drunken Christmas Show. A long-standing tradition; who knows what discussion will be inspired by drunken revelry? Listen To Us On Audio Watch Us On Youtube Become A Sponsor Become a sponsor and get access to bi-monthly workshops, 3 years of workshop…

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S6E4: The Ebb and Flow for Elder magicians

June 11, 2022 Andrieh Vitimus and Zachary Lui are no strangers to the world of magick. As experienced practitioners, they have seen firsthand the ebbs and flows that come with the territory. In their conversation, they explore their own experiences with magick, delving into the subject with humor and insight. Both Andrieh and Zachary have…

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