S6E26: Re-Patterning With Arden Leigh

Nov 12 , 2022 Andrieh Vitimus and Zachary Lui are joined by Arden Leigh. In this episode, they will discuss the power of Re-Patterning and habit restructuring using NLP and Self-stories. Check out her work at: Listen To Us On Audio Watch Us On Youtube Become A Sponsor Become a sponsor and get…

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Episode 86: Timelines and Confidence with Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh is joined by guest host, Zachary Lui, trainer at the Quantum Life Science Institute, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist and Gigong Expert. He was also an expert and mentor in the dating assistance genre in Toronto specializing in ethical conduct, internal game, and self-confidence. Andireh and Zachary will be working with the audience…

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Episode 69: The Fiction of Our Lives

What if our sense of self is largely a story?  What would happen if we change that story to empower ourselves?  What if we change the fundamental themes of the story we are living and free ourselves to be our own brilliant star illuminating the path? This episode we will discuss how our own personal…

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