Episode 86: Timelines and Confidence with Andrieh Vitimus

Andrieh is joined by guest host, Zachary Lui, trainer at the Quantum Life Science Institute, specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine Specialist and Gigong Expert. He was also an expert and mentor in the dating assistance genre in Toronto specializing in ethical conduct, internal game, and self-confidence.

Andireh and Zachary will be working with the audience and do hypnosis to help each person to have the confidence to walk through the year. Andrieh will help the audience experience this. As par of the new year, to fund the show, this show will only be available on podcast for one week. Then we put up an abbreviated show, and the full show will be available for a donation.

About the Author
Reality Artist. Hypnotherapist. NLP Author. Oungan Metaphysician. Priest http://www.andriehvitimus.com