Ancestor Magick 101

Sunday Nov 1st, 8pm-9pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast. Are you feeling nostalgic about departed loved ones? Do you want to connect and reestablish bonds with people who supported you? Ancestor work is a magick that transcends culture, time, and geography. It connects to our humanity, our past, present and future. Join us for…

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Coming Soon: Edgar Kerval Discusses Necromancy and The Death Current

Live Tue. Sept. 26th, 2017 8pm EST on Jason M. Colwell and Stephanie Connolly Reisner welcome Edgar Kerval to the show for the first time. We will discuss Necromancy and The Death Current with Edgar, as well as his limited edition book Salve Honoris Morte. Edgar Kerval, from Colombia, South America is a musician, dedicated practitioner,…

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Episode 97: Stephanie Connolly Reisner Discusses Necromancy

Live Tue. April 2, 2013 on Bestselling author S. Connolly joins Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell. She has been practicing and studying all things “occult” and metaphysical since 1984. Her interest started with divination, gematria, and necromancy and quickly spiraled toward ceremonial magick, witchcraft, and Daemons. She has been a practicing Daemonolatress since…

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