S7E22: Psychedelic Buddhism – Traditions, Symbols, and Ceremonies With Michael Crowley

June 10, 2023 Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and Lama Michael Crowley are coming together for an intriguing conversation on the fusion of psychedelics with Buddhism. This discussion is not just limited to the psychonauts who are interested in the inner space maps provided by Buddhism, but also for the Buddhists who wish to incorporate psychedelics…

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Sponsor Workshop: Guanyin Ritual of Compassion

March 26, 2023 Are you battling daily stress and anxiety? Does it feel like too heavy a burden to bear? If you’re looking for respite from the stormy seas of everyday life, join us in an uplifting ritual led by head priest Andrieh Vitimus that offers comfort through Guanyin’s grace! This beloved Bodhisattva of Compassion…

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S6E11: Buddhish With Pierce Salguero

July 30, 2022 Andrieh Vitimus and Zachary Lui are joined by Buddhist scholar and professor at Penn State University Pierce Salguero to discuss his newly released book Buddhish. In this conversation, they explore the meta-concepts within Buddhism. Whether you are curious, new to the practice, or have been studying for many years, this episode will…

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