Episode 105: Michael Ford and the Dragon: Demonic Magick& Gods of Canaan

Andrieh Vitimus and Jason Colwell welcome Michael W. Ford to talk about Luciferian tradition and the Gods of Canaan through that lense. Author, musician and visionary of the Luciferian tradition Michael W. Ford. MICHAEL W. FORD has been a practicing Luciferian and Satanist/Sethanist for over 16 years. Mr. Ford’s path has led him through an…

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Episode 47: Andrieh Vitimus, Jacki Smith, Shetan Noir, Corvis Nocturnum, and The Rev. Selena Fox Discuss Magic at Convocation 2012; Part 2

Live Every Tuesday at 8pm EST, On the Para-X network Jason M. Colwell hosts a panel discussion of magical practice and it’s future.  Recorded on-site at Convocation 2012 in Detroit, Rock City, Michigan.  Andrieh Vitimus sat on an all-star panel with Jacki Smith, Shetan Noir, Corvis Nocturnum, and The Rev. Selena Fox.  Andrieh and Jason…

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Episode 26: Guest Corvis Nocturnum on Greater Black Magic

Live on  8 pm EST October 10, 2011 on Satanism is one of the most misunderstood philosophies in the modern occulture and pagan culture.  Its dark glamour has enthralled people with almost as if like a spell. Likewise, its dark Glamour has drawn lots of   Corvis details the biggest secret of Satanism to Andrieh Vitimus…

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