Energy work

Sponsor Workshop: Balance, Repair and Supercharge your Solar Plexus Chakra

Sunday, June 5th, 20226pm-7:15pm EDT Have you ever had movements of where you feel and experience worldly success, confidence, achievement?  Can you imagine the glimmer and wonder of true self-acceptance?  Have you ever felt that jubilation when you crush a goal?  Can you imagine what it would be feel to endlessly push past any obstacle?…

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Sponsor Workshop: Sacral Chakra Rebuilding, Balancing, and Super Charging

Sunday, May 22 6-7 PM EDT Do you feel creatively blocked, sexually repressed, or unable to enjoy life? Invest in the tools to supercharge your bliss. You know all the sensations when you can create and express joy. During our sacral chakra workshop will open you up to your own joy, sensuality, and creativity. We…

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Sponsor Workshop: How To Boost Your Root Chakra

Saturday, May 7, 2022 6PM-7:15PM EDT The root chakra is responsible for our sense of security and stability. It governs our survival instincts and is associated with the element of earth. If our root chakra is imbalanced, we may feel anxious, disconnected from our bodies, or like we are constantly searching for something to ground…

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