S7E14: American Metaphysical Religion: Esoteric and Mystical Traditions of the New World With Ronnie Pontiac

April 8, 2023

Are you curious about American metaphysical religion? Then this conversation is sure to keep you captivated! Join Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and Ronnie Pontiac as they explore the various esoteric and mystical traditions of the New World. From early alchemists and astrologers in the colonial era all the way to pioneers like Edgar Cayce and St. Germain on Mount Shasta, you’re sure to get a comprehensive look into four centuries of influence across nations, cultures and races. Get ready to venture deep into spiritual practices from around the world: from Rosicrucian beliefs brought over by settlers from England, to practices of young Shaker women who become entranced in mediumship and pass messages from beyond, to Indigenous groups and Latinx communities who play a huge role in shaping contemporary spirituality. So, come along for an epic ride through the whirlwinds of history with these experts!

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