S7E12: How To Become A Modern Magus With Don Webb

March 25, 2023
6pm EST

Join Andrieh Vitimus, Zachary Lui, and guest Don Webb for a riveting discussion on How To Become A Modern Magus. Unlike the traditional Eliphas Levi’s correspondence system, this discussion will explore an older form of Egyptian magic, infused with influences from Chaos Magick, shamanism, and the enigmatic techniques of the Temple of Set. Delve into the fascinating world of Egyptian Soul Craft as they explore topics such as working with the mystical KA and BA and interacting with Egyptian deities in magical workings. You’ll sink your teeth into the powerful aspects of sex magic, dream magic, and how to thrive in group practice. Be prepared to unlock the secrets of the rites for the Nine Gates and embark on a spellbinding journey of self-discovery and empowerment. This friendly and captivating conversation will ignite the Modern Magus within you, eager to embrace the magical world that awaits.

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