S6E13: Adversarial and Nemesis Magick With Mondo

Aug 13, 2022

Andrieh and Zachary are joined this week by Mondo. Mondo initiated in the OTO in 1993 at Mountain Temple Oasis and later took the first and second degrees. He is also in the Golden Dawn and currently holds the 8°=3° in the Order of the Rosy Cross from a Luciferian/Satanic perspective. After reading Liber vel Magi, he knew that organization did not have enough results-oriented magic for him. Mondo kept up with sorcery and ritual magic using the Norse, Santos, Santeria, Voudon, and Ceremonial paradigms. Later he got introduced to Satanic, Luciferian, and Setian thaumaturgy and incorporated it into his work derived from the left-hand path philosophies to this day. Eventually, he got involved in Chaos magic and joined an organization in which he has participated for the last twenty-seven years blending the paradigms he mentioned into an eclectic results magic meta paradigm using Chaos magic techniques. His magics are results-oriented sorcery and ritual magic on an individual level.  Mondo is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to magic, and Andrieh and Zachary are excited to have him on the show this week. Be sure to tune in for an engaging discussion.

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