Toxick Magick With Joshua Wetzel

Join Us Live - Friday, April 8 at 8PM EST

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Andrieh Vitimus and Zachary Lui are pleased to invite Joshua Wetzel, author of “Ill Thoughts, Ill Words, Ill Deeds- A Toxick Magick Primer: Volume 1” and many other books. In this conversation, they will explore the power of toxick magic to improve the practitioner’s life and their immediate socioeconomic environment and the techniques and tools necessary for accomplishing this. Join us for what promises to be a fascinating, thought-provoking conversation.

About Joshua Wetzel

Joshua Wetzel is a long time member of the Magical Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) with over 25+ years of experience in results oriented occultism in general and the practice of chaos magick in particular. He is also the author of The Paradigmal Pirate.

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