Mars Magick: Triumph through constraint – with E.A. Koetting

Saturday, March 20, 2021   

7-8pm EST

In this episode, get thrown into the colosseum of Mars. Hear the shots, shouts and clash of steel. Feel the blood coursing through your veins and your heart beating. Geburah is about limitation and judgement. Its lessons hard-earned through trials, tribulations and focus. Join Andrieh and Zachary in a no holds barred conversation about Mars.

About E.A Koetting

E.A. Koetting started in poverty, and fell into a life of crime and homelessness, only to transform himself into a self-made success with magick. In the last several years, he’s helped hundreds of thousands of magicians experience Ascent.

Sponsor Workshop: Connecting with Mars and Archangel Samuel

In this workshop, we will evoke the Archangel Samuel for sponsors. Participants will have a felt-experience of the angelic presence and accelerate their magick by being empowered on the Mar’s point.

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