Jupiter Magick: Prosperity, Good Luck, and Expansion – with Jason Miller

Saturday, April 3, 2021

From the strength of Geburah, we transition into the Kindness of Chesed. Chesed is a merciful Sefirot that expresses itself through the Greater Benefic, Jupiter. Prosperity, good luck, and spiritual learning all encompass the blessings of this energy. Join Andrieh, Zachary, and Jason Miller in this expansive philosophical discussion. 

About Jason Miller

He has devoted 30 years to studying practical magic in its many forms.
Jason has written five books including the now classic Protection and Reversal Magick.

He teaches  a number of courses online including the Strategic Sorcery Training CourseThe Black School of St Cyprian, and The Sorcery of Hekate.

For more information, go to his website.

Sponsor Workshop: Blessings of Jupiter and Archangel Zadkiel - 8PM EST

In this workshop, we will evoke the Archangel Zadkiel for sponsors. Participants will have a felt-experience of the angelic presence and accelerate their magick by being empowered on the Jupiter’s point.

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