Water Magic in our journey out of Malkuth.

November 28th. 2020.

7pm EST

Lilith Dorsey joins us to talk about the element of water and joins us on Deeper Down with Andrieh Vitimus and Zac Lui. Water is the basis of life and creation in many traditions and serves many essential purposes even within the body. Water has endless practical magical uses from waters, baths, and even tea, acting as a solvent, carrier, and even amplifier. Usually associated with emotion, emotions connect.

We dive in!

About  Lilith Dorsey

Lilith Dorsey M.A. , hails from many magickal traditions, including Celtic, Afro-Caribbean, and Native American spirituality. Her traditional education focused on Plant Science, Anthropology, and Film at the University of R.I, New York University and the University of London, and her magickal training includes numerous initiations in Santeria also known as Lucumi, Haitian Vodoun, and New Orleans Voodoo.

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Ancestors on Deeper Down Water. drop on lava

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November 28th. 2020.

8pm EST

Lilith will help us with a water magic ritual for our ancestors. We will bless and consecrate water to uplift and commune with the ancestors.  Discussion will follow on how to use water to bless ourselves and others.

Andrieh’s Note:

River, rain, lake water is considered superior to tap by many sources, but use what you have.  Second, try to use a bottle that you feel is special ( decorating this is fine), and I have found most people do not respond well to plastic ( wood bottle, glass, even concrete works better).

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