Season 4 Prologue : Legends of the Three Magi

Sunday October 18th, 8pm-9pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.

Join us on a journey into Season 4 of DDTRH to discover the elements and planets. Between the three of our co-hosts, we have many tales of the fantastic angels, elemental kings, planetary forces, we have the experiences, the scars, and the stories.  Starting a new season as an experiment, we will create a greater act of magic through our working through all the planetary forces and letting those energies circle and entertain us in the show. Guest authors and presenters will join us and let’s all create a huge magical ripple.  We are telling the stories from chaos magic pov with the needed dogma.   Come for the experience, and the stories worth of having their own manga.


Guanyin Water Puja Of Compassion
9-10 PM (EST)

Fire and Water in many cultures is the prima materia of life itself. Our last show was dedicated to a Fire Homa Ritual to purify our suffering and to receive Compassion from Boddistava Guanyin. For balancing, we are performing a Water-Puja to complete the cycle with Guanyin so we can unify polarities within Compassion itself.



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