Paradigm Shifting, Spirits, Chaos Magic, and Neuro-plasticity

Sunday September 20th, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.

 In the mass of chaos magic inspired books ( most modern occult books and practices), paradigm-shifting is an absolute underrated skill that can lead to actual real success in life endeavors. The goal is to be able to derive underlying patterns across divergent systems. Genius is often the ability to apply models from one system to another successfully. Several of our sponsors wanted to know how we can work with different classes of spirits and function. It turns out the meta-beliefs about how spirits work matter a tremendous amount. In practice, we are going to discuss how paradigm-shifting leads to self-growth and hyper-accelerated learning. We will cover some of the problems and issues, ways to do it old school, and why go through the mental pain paradigm-shifting demands.



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For Sponsors: Energetic Neuroplasticity & Alchemy

9-10PM (EST)

We will do some an extensive set of energy exercises to encourage neuroplasticity through energy work and practical perspective-shifting exercises to find hidden opportunities and inner alchemy potential. Practical exercises include modern interpretation of Spare’s Neither-Neither techniques.   All Sponsor workshops are recorded and available for sponsors after the fact.


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