Divination, Intuition and Magickal Timing

Sunday July 12th, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.

Divinations, Deja Vu, Tick Tock, gut when to cast magic and when to act? Often magic and life results depend on timing and figure out the when of events.  Want to understand how “serendipity” & deja vu moments could be a verification or preludes of your magic workings?  Omens and divinations, how do you understand the timing of what and when to act?  I-Ching, Tarot, Omens, and More.

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For Sponsors Hour 2: Intuition and Practical Listening

First, we will cover a coin divination system and use that to gain insight and use it. From this simple divination system and  through the use of body listening, trance and practical energy work we can greatly improve how good our use of divinations are. We will cover some practical techniques to increase their psychic ability. If people have divination systems, we will demonstrate how to better calibrate and connect the divination to the probabilities in your life.   

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