Confidence, Rebellion, and Defiance in the Covid-19 Age

Sunday July 26th, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.

The chaos and constraints collapse upon us. From witch wars to identity wars, to stricter and stricter culture rules on each side, the madness that suppresses critical thought and rational thought.  Fear, hatred and other forms of constraint against our physical and mental freedom.  Covid-19 has broken the economies for our cultures that were self-destructing. Despair and fear masked by a restlessness consuming all. Are you defined by these things, or do you strive for something more? Does your spirit still strive, do you still feel that inner spark? In the age of Darkness and ignorance, rebellion and defiance are not needfully about outward classes. it is an internal frame ( or flame if you will). How do we use spirituality to rebel against our limitations and the limitations imposed on us? How do we stand in confidence and still pursue purpose despite the endless confusion of the time? How do we magic when there is only chaos?   Do you stand in the face of your obstacles with courage enough to win confidence? 

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For Sponsors Hour 2: Do you dare face the fear? 

Confidence is won by facing fear.  Confidence is earned through trial to act in defiance of your own fear, stasis and obstacles? Using techniques derived from classical ceremonial magic, Hinduism, and fae magic, we will enter the dream using ritual and meditation to summon our deepest fear and face them through our own grace and spark.   The journey is the process. Previous to the journey, we will go through some tools to assist your journey and transformational experience. 

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