Living in the matrix: Open handed techno-magic in the age of isolation.  

Sunday June 28th, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.

In an age of technology, our lives seem closer & more connected. Are they though? We have more knowledge, more access to social communication yet many people feel isolated. Strange isn’t it? We will discuss a variety of topics around technology such as:

  • the psychological & emotional impacts technology has on social connection
  • how technology can impact our magick
  • how techno-magick can be applied practically
  • where techno-magick could be going in the future & its effects on you 

And more…

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For Sponsors Hour 2: Shamanic-Techno Magick: A Journey into the Matrix

*This workshop is experiential and an advanced technology background is not needed*

Our sponsors in this segment will take the red pill and do a deep dive into the matrix. In this workshop, we continue with the narrative structures from last workshop then apply a technology lenses to it. 

Sponsors will learn how to:
  • How to communicate with their computer 
  • How to build a relationship with their computer 
  • Understand the internal narrative they have toward technology
  • How to implement magical operations with technology

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