Qigong while in Crisis: Be the center moving.

Sunday May 31st, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.

Both theoretical and practical discussion on different Qigong, Taoism, Shapeshifting, Eastern Shamanism and more.  Learn to process both emotional and physical negativity in extremely complex times.  Learn to control the flows not just be whim to the current.  We’re going to have a no-holds bar discussion about Qigong while in crisis to build yourself back up, boost opportunities & breakthrough to your goals.  

For Sponsors: Hour 2  Practical Qigong and the Monkey King

In part one we will go into partner work in a digital setting and walk through some practical techniques to make sure you can process negative emotions and negativity into alchemical gold.  We will go over a super short set of movements and check that everyone can do the work in practice.





Part 2:   We will do a fast introduction to the Monkey King, who we shall refer to as Sifu Handsome.   The Monkey King will be narrating our Qigong book. Think all the Qigong is the same…Nope.  This Qigong book will go well beyond Qigong into Daoist high magics ( and some styles of low magics).   What if we told you Andrieh has been channeling very rare texts from ancient China.  He doesn’t speak chinese, and guess how correct he has been about the meaning?  



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