Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole is Rising from the Ashes: Covid-19, Solitude, and the tools of Mental Fortitude through Spirituality.

Date: April 5, 2020

Time: 8pm-9pm EST Podcast

9pm-10pm Deeper Dive and Hands On Discusion

Zoom Password: 973605


Our first hour will be our jam session, then we will go through and go through some practical techniques and answer questions for the second hour.  Deeper Down will be a podcast and video cast. We will be running a show every two weeks. That first one will be open to the world. The new shows will be our site via Anchor, eventually, but the live video access or the ability to ask questions will only be for the few, the proud, the sponsors.

Our Anchor Site:

Want to get access to the Zoom every two weeks, become a supporting member of the Wuji Xuan center at the lowest level ( $5 ) and get access to ask questions live via Zoom.   Of course, once you are on there will be extra hidden giveaways.   If you join at the next level for ( $10 )  or higher,  you can stay for the second hour of Deeper Down the Rabbit hole where we will go through a more detailed and deep dive into the practical aspects of the topic we are covering and get access after the fact to the discussion.  
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Reality Artist. Hypnotherapist. NLP Author. Oungan Metaphysician. Priest