But Everyone Knows A Pandemic is Perfect for Curse Magic, Right?

Sunday, 8 pm – 9 pm, April 19

Curses, Bindings, and entropic magic in the age of terror, despair and isolation? What could possibly go wrong ( or right)? Andrieh, Jason, and Zac have a no-holds barred frank discussion about doing curses in the age of Corona. Why you might need to and why some people might lose themselves when they do?

Frank conversations about Bindings, and curse work in general with real techniques will occur.

Second Hour— For Sponsors:

A practical workshop of Terror Alchemy and Utilization as a magical power source!

Hour 2 for our sponsors will cover utilizing techniques of utilizing and empowering your magic with alchemizing and utilizing the current terror energies of Covid-19 as tools for magical and personal empowerment with an eye on survival, thriving and ascension. We will go over some actual techniques not in any books as well as issues with these techniques.

Sponsors will need a yellow or black candle.

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Reality Artist. Hypnotherapist. NLP Author. Oungan Metaphysician. Priest http://www.andriehvitimus.com