Episode 211: Asbjörn Torvol Discusses The Nordic Left Hand Path

Live Tue. March 13th, 2018 8pm EST on para-x.com

Stephanie Connolly Reisner and Jason M. Colwell welcome Asbjörn Torvol to the show, to discuss the Nordic Left Hand Path.

“My Name is Asbjörn Torvol and I classify myself as a Black Magician or more accurately a magickal scientist and explorer. I believe Magick and the Occult have become overly saturated in stereotypical/fantasy content, to the mysterious dark arts all the way to the love and light kitchen witches. In my time involved with spiritual, magickal and occult communities I have rarely seen any information that touches on the reality of occult magick. Having a deep love for psychology and science I have been able to look at practice with a different eye allowing me to understand its mechanics on a much deeper and solid level. It is my goal to provide more truthful information on magick and how you can begin to use it with better consistency and efficiency. I cut out the fantasy aspect that our community loves to allow into their practice which romanticises practice to a point it becomes ineffective and for some self-destructive. It is my aim to preserve the core essence of magick and manifestation so much so I have put myself to work in providing quality content to provide the community with the tools needed to truly experience real magick. Folks looking for someone to spoon feed you fantasy, will not find much comfort in my work. My main body of work is in Magick as a whole, getting results is where my main focus is. I do however, work solidly in a tradition of Norse Magick (Path of the Vitki) which I have both created and gleamed from the history of the Vikings. This tradition is my greatest feat in magick and I have created a workable system of today in the true spirit of the Norse people.”

Check out his website at: https://www.asbjorntorvol.com/

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