Episode 150: Spirit Communication With Al Anderson

Broadcast Tue. Nov. 1st, 2016 8pm EST on Para-X-Radio.com

Our original Co-host and dear friend Al Anderson past away last October, 2015. As is tradition in our Vodou House, the dead are to be undisturbed for the first year, so that they may cross the waters into the land of the dead and properly make the transition into the after life.

This is a special episode. Prerecorded with some members of our House. Andrieh did ceremony to bring Al back across the waters and present him with a special spirit vessel, so that as an elevated soul, he may continue to have influence in our world. Andrieh and Jason present this special event for you, so that you may learn and even gain blessings from our friend Al. Though he is no longer here in the flesh, he is still very much a member of our spiritual family in Spirit.

The communication ritual begins at 54:30, if you wish to actively participate, it works best to set up your own small alter, with white cloth. Either print out the photo below as a focus, or simply have it up on your display, with a white candle anointed up and down from center with Van Van oil, and a glass of cool water, as you follow Andrieh’s guided meditation. By focusing on Al’s photos and spirit vessel, you will be aided in receiving messages. We would love to have you share your results with us via andriehvitimus@gmail.com.


Here  are some additional photos of this beautiful alter:




Andrieh Note:  The Sound quality as this was a live ritual is not the best ( we are getting some wireless mics and trying to find a mixing board to hook in some wireless mics to augment this).  This was also a very rough ritual for everyone so do forgive the sound.

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