Episode 125: Convocation 2014 Panel Discussion: Finding the Purpose in Your Vocation

Tue. May 6, 2014 8PM EST on Para-X-Radio.com

Jason M. Colwell moderates a panel of all star occult speakers and authors at this years Convocation Convention 2014.  Andrieh Vitimus, Kia Dragon, Lady Belladonna, Kerr Cuhulain, Corvis Nocturnum, and Matthew Venus engage in a discussion of topics based around finding your vocation and it’s purpose.  Embracing your vocation and connecting with purpose is no easy task. This is what our own angel that forces Judgment demands.


Advanced Energy Work for Beginners

Beginning Informational Sorcery 

Recorded Lecture with Transcript ebook  ( Lecture from Convocation 2014 )

Andrieh Vitimus presents a different model of energy work using simplified techniques that beginners to advanced practitioners can use to augment their personal practice. We will cover techniques but more importantly, how to think about energy work. Using best of breed cognitive science, metaphysics and experimental work, Andrieh demonstrates methods that can transform any aspect of your life. Expect the lecture to challenge both perspectives of “everything is external” magic and “It’s is all in your head” magical theory.

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