Episode 100: Christopher Bradford Discusses Alchemy!

Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell welcome Christopher Bradford to the show!

The Book of Coelius, by Christopher Bradford, presents a new system of practical alchemy rooted in the Western Hermetic Tradition. Kameothic Internal Alchemy is a distillation of ceremonial, alchemical and African-American conjure magic utilizing the practical methods of Hoodoo paired with Spagyric Alchemy to create change in the external world by working upon the individual from the Outside-In. While the system has roots in antiquity, it is a new tradition begun by the author and his brothers in the Ordo Octopi Nigri Pulveri. This book is the training manual of that order. Author Christopher Bradford covers such topics as the Language of the Birds, the use of the Picatrix, and describes alchemical tools of his own making, including the Staff of Imhotep. An explanation of the Spagyric Art as well as ritual practices and an analysis of Philalethes’ Font of Alchemical Truth are only some of the areas treated in depth and with the excruciating care one expects from an active practitioner of alchemy. Bradford, himself trained in the hermetic tradition, offers here an exciting new system for the practicing magician.

Part of the Guides to the Underworld series from Hadean Press. THE BOOK OF LAMBSPRING is a series of emblematic images through which the processes of Hermetic Alchemy are alluded to; it has proven completely impenetrable to the un-initiated, which has been the case for all of the true Alchemical texts. In this small manuscript, Christopher Bradford takes each of the emblems from THE BOOK OF LAMBSPRING and speaks with them to discern their meaning. The Alchemical wisdom held within will shine from it and enlighten the aspiring Alchemist, while hopefully leading the practiced Alchemist down well-trodden paths of wisdom.

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