Episode 96: Frater Alloy Discusses The Cthulhuian Mythos

Tuesday March. 26, 2013 Live 8pm EST on www.para-x.com

Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell welcome Frater Alloy to have a discussion on his work with the Cthulhuian Mythos.

Frater Alloy, a former Section Head of the Pact of the Illuminates of Thanateros (IOT) in North America who has taught numerous classes pertaining to Lovecraft, Chaos Magic and wherever the twain shall meet. Alloy is still a very active member of the IOT and has worked with that organization both locally and abroad. Like his literary hero, he was born in Providence, Rhode Island and spends the vast majority of his time mining morbid media for ritually significant morsels.

He addresses the problems of contemporary Mythos magic and seeks to cooperatively revitalize it as a primary expression of the Chaos Magic current. It also seeks to create an authentic entry point into the Mythos paradigm without overwhelming the new student or otherwise falling victim to the pitfalls of over-generalization. The Great Old Ones are beings defined by their incomprehensibility as “known unknowns”. Much like the Taoists warn “That which can be named is not the eternal name” and in this case, even more so. Expressing the deepest primordial forces within cosmic experience, Lovecraft did not so much create the Great Old Ones as name them. Through these non-religious god forms we seek to penetrate the veil of morality and reason and enter a pre-human world of formless splendor and anarchy.

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