Episode 90: Andrieh and Jason Discuss Space and Time Magic

Tuesday Feb. 5, 2013 Live 8pm EST on www.para-x.com

Come and Join Andrieh Vitimus and Jason M. Colwell as they sit discuss manipulating the boundaries of space and time. This episode we dare to challenge what even the majority of Magicians and Occultists believe to be possible. What if you could talk to a version of yourself that took a different path at a past critical moment of your life? What could you learn from a self who invested in years of study different from your own? What kinds of theories back up a belief that you could have a tangible effect magically upon someone who is not in the same physical location as you? Is it really possible to bend time to your advantage or is it just all mental games?

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I`m just trying to attain enough knowledge, to justify the air that I am consuming.