Episode 35: Special Guest Dorothy Morrison on Curses and Money Magic

Live on the Para-X.com Network 8 pm EST on Monday December 12th

This weeks guest needs no introduction. Writer of the Everyday series on magic, fiction books, and pagan superstar, Dorothy Morrison is one of the most known pagan authors.

Dorothy Morrison joins Andrieh Vitimus and Jason Colwell to talk about two controversial topics: Money magic and Curse work. Expect a show with the juice on how to do both, with actual recipes, real world experience, and just a great time!

About Dorothy
Originally from Texas, Dorothy Morrison now lives the magical life in Maine with her family. Dorothy is a member of the Pagan Poet’s Society and a charter member of M.A.G.I.C., a magical writer’s and artist’s organization. Dorothy is a Wiccan High Priestess of the Georgian Tradition, and has been an avid practitioner of the ancient arts for more than twenty years. She founded the Coven of the Crystal Garden in 1986, and spent many years teaching the Craft of Wicca to students both in the United States and in Australia.

A former state championship archer and bow hunter, Dorothy’s current interests include Tarot work, magical herbalism, stonework, and computer networking. Dorothy’s work has been published in many journals and magazines, including Circle Network News, SageWoman, and Crone Chronicles. She is the author of the acclaimed Everyday Magic, Magical Needlework, In Praise of the Crone, Yule, Bud, Blossom & Leaf: The Magical Herb Gardener’s Handbook, The Craft, and The Craft Companion, among other works..