Episode 28: Guest Host Kimmie Jae helps the team explain Ancestral Service From a Practical Point of View

8pm EST LIVE on para-x.com

Guest Host Kimmi Jae of Reign Radio, helps Andrieh Vitimus and Jason explore the white table method of Ancestral service.  This easy to use method of Ancestral work was taught to Andrieh Vitimus while he was in Haiti getting initiated as a Houngan by the Roots without End society.  While Andrieh is no longer active in the society, Jason and Andrieh have used and refined these Vodou inspired techniques to create real change in their and other people’s lives.    Andrieh Vitimus goes over the procedure of setting up an initial altar, basic applied meditation, and basic mediumship with your ancestors while Jason covers how these techniques have changed both of their lives.

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole is covering the basics of ancestor work so next week on Halloween we can share and grow in the:

Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole’s Online and Shared Ritual of Ancestral communion

That’s right, we learn the basics of Ancestor work this week, so next week Andrieh and Jason can take you on a deep journey with your altar where your ancestors can communicate with you.  We do ask that next week, interested paranormal investigators who do the service, try to set up your recording, sensor and video equipment around where you are communing with the dead.