Episode 19: Guest Lord Shadow, Elder and Legend in Columbus, OH, Initiated High Priest of Wicca on the Divine Male and Female Principle

Monday August 22th,2011 Live 8pm EST on www.Para-x.com

Lord Shadow, Former Owner of the Shadow’s Realm premier Columbus occult store joins Andrieh Vitimus and Jason to talk about the Divine male and Female principles in Wicca, as well as the state of Wicca in the US as he sees as an elder, and the trends he sees after being a magician for over 42 years.

Authors such as Nema, Silver Ravenwolf, and more got their start basically at his store ( back when he had it ).

His Bio From the Source:
I have been on the path for about 42 years. I first studied and practiced classical Ceremonial Magic (and the various elements included in these studies, such as The Qabala, The Golden Dawn, etc.) , moved to Thelemic concepts and practices from there, got involved in Wicca 20 years ago and became an Inititated High Priest of Wicca 16 years ago.