Episode 13: Starwood 2011, Fae Shamanism, and the Ganesh Miracle

on Para-x.com Monday 8PM EST.

In this episode we cover a few details relating to next weeks ritual on air.  10 minute breathing training.

In addition, we will open the phones to call ins to talk about our 2011 Starwood experience.


  • Hard Core faery possessions rituals, The Fae just are not what people think.
  • Geni Locii and what they have to say about things ( aka basically Fae type spirits).
  • When Traditional Banishing is just not appropriate,  Shamanic banishing  AKA respect.
  • The Miracle of Ganesh and MORE

Call ins Welcome and appreciated.

Our Call in number is  216-772-0223 or via skype to andriehvitimus