Episode 10: HypnoArt Spiritual Experience ( CALL IN SHOW )

June 20, 2011 live 8pm EST on para-x.com


The Life on the Fridge Project was the first 15 minutes of the show.

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Our Call in number is  216-772-0223

Call in and Andrieh will develop a metaphysical hypnotic experience for you and the audience to experience.  Andrieh will use the Tarot and intuition to develop on the fly experiences for callers and listeners, to develop an intuitive spontaneous metaphysical art experience based on the reading. There are no guarantees, only experiences. Andrieh will us the Thoth Tarot to develop on the fly spiritual experiences crafted for the caller, but available to everyone to experience.

The rules of this show:
1) No calling in and asking us to do a free stop smoking for or free weight loss, this has to be metaphysical in nature, and based on the reading and impressions ALTHOUGH… those things might be the result.
2) Try not to give too much additional information, if Andrieh has to work out details on the problem, the hypnosis might be difficult.  The experience is for you and for everyone else too.
3) Have Fun
Each reader will have 3 card reading, that addresses what the spirits are giving Andrieh as the core issue, and Andrieh will create a hypno-art experience around the reading quickly.