Episode 3: The Needed Death of The Self-Made Rugged Individualist Myth / Seeing through Propaganda

Andrieh Vitimus, Al Anderson and Jason Colwell cover a controversial and political topic. Many people are starting to wake up to the disparaging divide between the have and the have-nots. Even more people are reacting to the sense of uncontrolled environment and the sense of fear starts to overwhelm us. Recent supreme court decisions, austerity methods, new laws, and cultural conditioning all are helping to shape an increasingly despotic world of an oligarchy bleeding the average joe. While this issue is very complicated, the three magi discuss the cultural myth of the individualist propaganda, how self-made rarely is, and critiques many of our Self-Made myths while showing how these myths along with the instant gratification and people as disposable have accelerated the problems of our culture. Expect to be shocked. Current methods of complaining do not seem to have the desired impact of changing the course of things. Understand the mechanisms being used, and the radical yet simple solutions we can start working on a daily basis regardless of where you are at and see how these will positively benefit your life. Live at 8pm EST on http://para-x.com on May 2, 2011. Or Tuesday, May 3, 2011 here on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole.

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