Episode 8: Sigil Magic, Symbology, and the Power in Symbol

Airing Live Monday June 6, 2011 on http://www.para-x.com

Available here on Podcast June 7th.
What could you do with a pad of paper, your mind, and a little discipline?  Andrieh Vitimus, Jason Cowell, and Al Anderson cover the different methods of sigil magic enchantment.  Imagine what it would be like if you could?  Sigil magic is one method to bring about a new outcome.  Sex,Wealth,Love, even revenge is all possible with merely pen, paper and a state of mind.  The 3 magi cover different aspects of sigils across magical systems including touching on Planetary Squares, Bind Runes ( germanic), general sigil concepts, and the methods covered in Hands On Chaos Magic.  Learn this flexible tool, for your own better life.  Think magic has to be complicated, think again with this simple and flexible style of everyday reality creation.