Episode 7: The real Hermetic principles, Actually getting the Law of Attraction to Work.

Live 8pm EST June 30th 2011, Monday on http://www.para-x.com

What is the Law of Attraction, where does The Secret really come from, and why do so many people have trouble getting the Secret to work?  Andrieh Vitimus, Al Anderson, Jason Colwell cover the Secret behind the Secret or the 7 ancient hermetic principles.  Al leads the discussion on this his personal point of expertise.  From the Kybalion to Agripa down to the teachings of Ramtha and through The Secret, the Hermetic principles are a huge undercurrent in the New Age, New Thought, and even Occult movements.    The real secret behind the secret is that these ancient philosophies that have been with the Eqyptians, Greeks and more are not talked about in their entirety.    The 3 magi take you down the rabbit hole to get The Secret behind the secret and the missing details.