Episode 4: An Introductory Discussion about Realistic Healing Magic

Al Anderson Returns to the Magi, and the magi discuss the contentious topics of healing magic, hypnosis, placebo, and the power of your mind to heal. Andrieh Vitimus, Al Anderson, and Jason Colwell go over various healing modalities with broad strokes providing some real world examples to improve your situation now. As with other shows, expect the trio to be hard hitting, even in discussing frauds, sickness jumping, failed healing methods, and the problem of ego and specialness in healing modalities. Don’t must be informed, learn to transform.

Music by the Illuminist

Practical exercises toward conditioning toward health, de-conditioning mental conditions, and how-to’s toward becoming more free to live the live you want in Hands-On Chaos Magic: Reality Manipulation through the Ovayki Current by Andrieh Vitimus.  The other book mentioned on the show was Answer Cancer

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