Water Magic in our journey out of Malkuth.

November 28th. 2020. 7pm EST Lilith Dorsey joins us to talk about the element of water and joins us on Deeper Down with Andrieh Vitimus and Zac Lui. Water is the basis of life and creation in many traditions and serves many essential purposes even within the body. Water has endless practical magical uses from…

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Paradigm Shifting, Spirits, Chaos Magic, and Neuro-plasticity

Sunday September 20th, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast.  In the mass of chaos magic inspired books ( most modern occult books and practices), paradigm-shifting is an absolute underrated skill that can lead to actual real success in life endeavors. The goal is to be able to derive underlying patterns across divergent systems. Genius…

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Talismans Outside the Box

Sunday August 23, 8pm (EST) join our live Zoom broadcast. Most religious systems have very specific rules on constructing talismans, but these rules mainly serve to create an information/magical resonance for our tools.  Often, these materials are difficult to obtain and area-specific.  Andrieh, Zachary, and Jason discuss our experiences as chaos magicians using non-standard materials…

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